Brevard Aikikai Christmas Seminar

My apologies for the hiatus: Sensei and I just returned from New York Aikikai and we have lots to share. In the meantime, I’m posting a few photos from the Christmas seminar at Brevard Aikikai, held earlier this month.

This was a fascinating seminar. In addition to Dee and Grady Sensei, Dan Dease Sensei of Central Florida Aikikai and Dan Fernandez Sensei of Tampa Aikikai taught. Having received some instruction from students of Saotome Sensei in the past, I was largely familiar with Fernandez Sensei’s chosen topics and points of emphasis. I enjoyed his class greatly and particularly enjoyed speaking with him off the mat.

However, I had few points of reference for Dease Sensei’s class, which made it all the more interesting. Dease Sensei is a student of Seishiro Endo Sensei, an Aikikai shihan teaching at hombu. I learned quite a bit watching his class; to get an idea of his approach to Aikido, you can read a comment he wrote here.

I look forward to attending his classes again in the future.

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