Richard Nardi Shidoin

Richard Nardi, a long time friend, visited the dojo Wednesday. Richard is an instructor at the Aikido Center of Atlanta under George Kennedy Shihan, and holds the rank of yondan, or fourth degree black belt.  He began his Aikido training in 1984 and has visited us several times over the years.

Nardi Sensei taught a very dynamic class, emphasizing strong cuts.  Afterwards, a group of us gathered at Applebees for a few rounds.

Thank you Sensei for the lesson!

5 thoughts on “Richard Nardi Shidoin

  1. Got the pics, thanks!!

    Let’s not tell the tale of the epic quest that lead to that fabled Applebee’s!

  2. We don’t got too many places like that in Jax. Though the Gator Dock place-thingie wouldn’t be a bad idea next time we need to get a guest on i-95 after they leave.

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