12 thoughts on “January 2010 Newsletter

  1. Dee and I are pretty excited about our next seminar. We’re still discussing details….

    For those who haven’t gone to many seminars, I really encourage it. Back in the day, Dee would attend seminars monthly, (sometimes more), not just in Florida but in Atlanta, Boston, New York.

    When I first started I was also caught up in Dee’s excitement. (I still am, but I now have other responsibilities with the dojo.) Looking at my yukyusha card, I attended thirteen seminars my first two years. (About once every two months). I’ve probably attended over fifty over all.

    Attending seminars is one of the key ways to improve your Aikido. There are students who have attended lots of seminars, and those who have not. Even if they are the same rank, the difference is obvious.

    You really can’t learn this stuff from videos or books, or on your own. This is not an art you can “think” through and pretend you know what you’re doing.

    I know we discuss this a lot on the internet, but the web is no substitute for personal transmission from a shidoin or shihan. In fact, I’d argue the opposite–it can lead to strange, attenuated technique.

    Maybe this deserves a blog post.

  2. As many seminars as you can attend.

    It really is hard to overstate their importance. Everyone is at different points in their lives, but your early 20s are the ideal time to get intensive experience. Your body can handle it and you generally have more free time. Push yourself hard when you can handle it, and life hasn’t yet crushed your spirit. 😉

    Honestly, it’s irreplaceable. Both for technique and perspective.

  3. What ever happened to the student spotlight in our news letter?

    I want to learn more about MM… 😛

  4. Which reminds me, grassHopper, where’s your post? And don’t tell me you don’t have time…How many blogs do you have now? 😉

    Just a paragraph or two. That’s it.

    And to all the rest of you people, I’m sincere in my offer to post your student “spotlight.” Send me an email with two paragraphs. That’s eight to ten sentences. I’ll fill in the rest.

    Even by today’s educational standards, that’s not too much writing. Or is it??

    Go Saints!

    Edit: Just browsed over to grassHopper’s grotto. I saw the MMA post and your comment. Can I use that post? If so, I humbly take back my snarky attitude.

  5. Hmmm…Nice post, but you’re right-it’s not really Aikido related. I’m not sure the issues you’ve identified in MMA are that applicable to women practicing Aikido. (At least in my experience).

    May I use a different post? Or you could submit something new?

    Great Super Bowl, by the way. The Saints deserved the win.

  6. WHO DAT!!!

    Anyways, I want to learn more about MM to 😀
    But am entirely too lazy to write anything about myself. 🙁

    I might submit an Aikido related entry soon though.

  7. Both classes tonight were very entertaining. I got a really good workout so I don’t feel as guilty about hitting the snooze too many times this morning to be able to get to the gym.. lol.

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