The Inimitable Mr. Johnston

I know you hate big to-dos, so I’ll keep it brief. We think you’re awesome. Heck, we even think your dog is awesome, even if no one else does.

And if you give me enough of those awful blueberry lagers Ryan keeps leaving at the house, I’d say this: You’re a good friend, a great martial artist, and a positive force in the universe.

So here’s our sendoff to you. We think it fits.

Good luck at SCAD.

8 thoughts on “The Inimitable Mr. Johnston

  1. Just thinkin about training. I do some when I’m in Iowa but out here in the boonies is another story. Something will have to change.

    I will attend a seminar in Iowa City in a few weeks.

  2. Jerry, it’s the Konigsberg seminar.
    Speaking of always training, Sonia and I have found an organic farm 10 minutes from our house, up in the foothills a bit (6,500 ft) and part of the practice of budo is the protection of society. With every organic purchase we lead the agricultural system in the direction of better health for the nation. And we maintain this practice with a relaxed steady intent or extension, one could say.

    Training is also enhanced by my landscape project that required me to pick up a pick ax once again. Swing the pick ax with the body instead of the arms! Practice, practice.

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