A lesson:

Before Zen crossed the shores into Japan, the students of the Tendai school would study meditation, as part of their daily practice. Four of them, close friends all, promised one another to observe seven days of silence.

On the first day, no words were spoken, and the students took pleasure in their auspicious beginning. When night came however, the oil lamps grew dim, and the room slowly darkened.

One student, named Hoshin, called out to a servant: “Servant! Attend to the lamps, so that I might better observe our accomplishment!”

The second student was surprised to hear Hoshin speak. “We are supposed to keep quiet,” he chided.

“But you also spoke!” declared the third. “You are an idiot!”

“I am the only one who has not talked,” concluded the fourth, as he settled into seiza.

Of course, you already knew this.

One thought on “Ego

  1. My dad used to tell me that it takes an ego to recognize an ego in some one else–and, it takes an over-blown ego to be offended by the egos in some one else. Basically, focus on yourself, what others do shouldn’t be any concern.

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