Kyu Testing, Movie Night, and a Bit of History

Aikido Center of JacksonvilleAn incredible evening watching The Incredibles, at our *31st* dojo movie night. As always, our kids’ class played games, and enjoyed pizza and popcorn.

By way of history, our first movie night was held in July 2009 and has been an amazing experience for Dee and myself ever since. Thank you to all our parents who have participated over the years and helped to make movie night such a great success.

Dee and myself also want to heartily congratulate our newly ranked students, in both the kids’ and adult classes.

In our kids class, congratulations Erin (yellow belt / black stripe), Aayush (yellow belt / black stripe), and Rylan (green belt / black stripe.)

And in our adult class, congratulations to Chris and Sergey for their superlative 5th kyu tests. Excellent job!

Lastly, thank you Christina for all your help preparing our 6th kyus, and also to Sergey, Kevin, Dmitri and Ashton for your energetic ukemi.