Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter August 2009

Movie Night A Success!
Our August movie night was a great success, and all around good time to boot.  By my count, twelve students and guests were present for the premiere.  We enjoyed Night at the Museum, ate pizza and popcorn, and gave parents the night off to enjoy themselves.

Before the movie Sensei held a special children's class, where her students played various Aikido games.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the evening a success.

Children's Kyu Testing
Sensei would like to congratulate Conner and Katie for their superlative kyu tests this month.  Katie was promoted to yellow belt, black stripe, and Conner was promoted to yellow belt.

It was evident to both Sensei and myself all the hard work both Conner and Katie underwent to prepare for their tests.  Congratulations to both of you!

Sensei would also like to thank Isabella and Christine for their roles as uke during the test.

Upcoming Dojo Events
We have scheduled our next adult tests for Saturday, September 26th.  If you have the required hours, and would like to test, please speak to Sensei.  Remember, you will need her permission first.  As always, Friday night open mat is the best way to prepare.

October is just around the corner, which means Halloween.  Sensei would like to organize a fun Halloween party for her children's class.  Our initial thought is to schedule an age appropriate Halloween movie with candy and costumes.  We would also like to decorate the dojo, (dry ice perhaps?)

We're still working out the details and would love to hear your suggestions.



August Student Enrollments Set Record
Wow.  We are excited and honored to announce that eleven new students, and one returning student, joined the dojo in August.  For us, this is a record for monthly enrollment, and the results have been immediatelyDesign by Kevin Johnston evident on the mat.  Our average class sizes are up, and the energy displayed in class is palpable.  Just as important, our larger student base allows us to organize and plan new events.  Movie night was just one example--you'll see more programs and seminars, starting next month and continuing through October.

First things first, however.  We are pleased to welcome the following students into the adult class: Christina, Daulton, Justen, William, Sophia, Chris, Topper, Taylor, and Phelan.  And in our children's class, we are happy to welcome Nyah and Vanessa.  Have fun and train hard!

Since our summer promotion was such a smashing success, we've decided to extend it.  In a nutshell: for every new student you refer, we will credit your tuition by the amount of the new student's first tuition payment, up to your monthly rate.  Our promotion applies to both the adult and children classes, and can be combined with our family and quarterly payment plan discounts.

Why do we offer these plans?  It's simple, really--our goal is to offer our students the most energetic and dynamic martial arts classes in Jacksonville.  Our larger student base helps make this possible.

September Friendship Seminar
With our larger student enrollment, we can increase the number of training opportunities for our students.  Our dojo has always organized two seminars each year, taught by visiting instructors from Ft. Lauderdale to New York.  (You can find our past seminar schedule on our school information page.)

With our growth, we are pleased to announce yet another training opportunity, with Aikidoka from Jacksonville, Melbourne, Cocoa and Daytona Beach.

On Saturday, September 19th, we will host our inaugural friendship seminar, taught by instructors from Brevard Aikikai, the Aiki O-Kami Society, Sand Drift Aikido, and our own school.  The cost to attend is $20, which will be used to pay for a killer post seminar feast.  (I'm partial to bar-b-que, but am open, of course, to your suggestions.)  We'll have a sign-up sheet in class if you're interested in attending.

Schedule Updates
Beginning this month, we have decided to restart our weapons and advanced classes.  You can find the schedule change on our class information page.  The advanced class is intended to teach more difficult Aikido topics, such as randori or free style training.  The weapons classes will focus on bokken (sword), jo (staff), and tanto (knife) training.  In this class we will emphasize defense applications as well as kata.  Please note that you need permission from Sensei to attend the advanced class.

Classes at the UNF dojo will resume August 31st.  The classes are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. and will be taught by our yudansha.

Anastasia will be traveling during September and, as a result, will not hold Yoga classes during the month.  For up to date information, please visit her website, Mandarin Yoga.

Upcoming Seminars
On October 10, Aikido of Tampa Bay will host Nobu Arakawa Shidoin, from Hyde Park Aikido.

On November 6, Florida Aikikai will host our annual winter camp, taught by Yamada Shihan, Sugano Shihan, and the shihan of the United States Aikido Federation technical committee.