Gi For Sale

Joey TurnerJoey has a size 5 gi that he is willing to sell for $30.00. It’s never been worn, but has been washed once. The gi is a judo style gi, the kind we wear in class, and is constructed from a high quality weave. (The pants, however, need a string for it to fit securely around your waist. Joey can help you with this.)

If you’re interested in purchasing this fine piece of apparel, please let Sensei know. The gi itself is at the dojo if you want to inspect the goods personally.

And no, the gi does not come with Joey’s black belt or his nidan rank.

2 thoughts on “Gi For Sale

  1. Hey, to add to the bake sale here:
    I got an 8 oz gi top if anyone wants it. It cost me next to nothing, so it is free.
    I was gonna wear it for hot weather because it is very light in material. It is a size 4…but in truth it feels like a size 5…too big, washed it, won’t shrink.

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