16 thoughts on “September 2010 Newsletter

  1. So, the luxerious prize… does it come with your likeness, Jerry?

    on the side, the facebook page is working well. Looks nice.

  2. I’m glad you had a nice time. Did you learn anything new?

    Dee and I saw Sensei at Aikido Center of Atlanta. I really like that dojo.

    One of the techniques Sensei demonstrated was kote-gaeshi. I’m going to insist our students execute it that way for testing.

    (FYI, you already do it correctly, Ryan – it’s how Dee teaches it.)

  3. We saw a couple of new variations and interesting transitions to other techniques from (Penny’s class), but personally, I thought the best thing that I got out of it (in my opinion) was a lot of critique on my openings. I had the distinct pleasure of training with Penny once, Nobu twice, and Peter on three occasions. During which they each had a very valuable critique for my openings. It made it very clear (in my mind at least) where I am lacking and what I should work on.

    Oh, before I forget again, Peter told me to tell you and Sensei that he hopes you have a good vacation and an enjoyable time on your anniversary. He sends his love, as do Nobu, Richard, and Grady. There was also a “see you at winter camp” vibe :~)

  4. Funny you should say that. I saw Superman / Batman Apocalypse last weekend. It was terrible.

    Dude, can anyone guess this movie? Now, where’s my car keys?

  5. Whattttttt???? I thought it was good. It’s one of my favorite Batman/Superman Stories. Granted the deviated away from the ending in the comic but I still liked seeing Batman get the Best of Darksied

  6. Batman should have had his cape handed to him on Apocalypse, after he lost the harness. How did he defeat that huge dog?

    Also, too much attitude / posing. And how did Supergirl survive at the end?

  7. They didnt explain it too well in the movie but in the comic when Barda opened the book case Batman took some of Mr. Miracle’s gadgets (along with his harness) and a motherbox.

    Thats why he could “somewhat” stand up to Darkseid because he had a motherbox on him.

    Annnnddd in the comic when darkseid goes to blast supergirl with his omega beams Diana transports her to the Watchtower…Superman thinking that Kara is dead. Beats Darkseid all the Way to the Source wall at the end of the universe and leaves him there.

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