14 thoughts on “The Aikidosphere

  1. When did you get the memo?!

    You know why I didn’t see it? Because my office is in the basement. Next to the water heater. Which makes a lot of noise.

    And scares me.

  2. A few weeks ago i wandered on there and was like “hey, this is different!” I questioned if I was on the right site for like 10 minutes. Then I slowly, through much pain and suffering; got on with my life. I know i’ll always be recovering, but a life of recovery is better than where I once was!

  3. How was Capital Grille restaurant? Did you order the Kona?

    Dee and I are at the dojo watching Cats and Dogs: The Adventures of Kitty Galore, with most of our kids’ class.

  4. We did have the Kona, and I greatly recommend it if you and Dee ever decide to go.

    Thanks for coming down to see us Sensei!

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