Thank You

Dee and I are thrilled with all the positive feedback we’ve received about the new website. From what you’re telling us, it’s easier to navigate, simpler to use, and a more refined experience. Thank you!

And in the spirit of the season, here are a few more things we’re thankful for.

We’re thankful for our friends and students, and all the help we’ve received at the dojo.

We’re thankful that we get to practice this wonderful martial art, year in and year out.

We’re thankful for all the friends we’ve met through Aikido, from all walks of life.

We’re thankful for Grady Lane Sensei’s class this past Saturday, and the camaraderie following class at the superlative 5 Guys restaurant.

And yes, we’re even thankful for that crazy awesome choke Sensei demonstrated, that resulted in me seeing stars for a few moments on the mat. (And I have it on good authority that one of our higher ups suggested that idea to Sensei, saying “those guys in Jacksonville love chokes”).

So, to everyone, thank you.

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