Fantastic tests, all around, and well deserved. Congratulations to Karen for passing her 3rd kyu test, John for his 5th kyu, and Ashton for his 6th kyu. In our kids’ class, congratulations to Sergey for earning his purple belt black stripe, Reeves for his blue belt, and Cinthya and Erika for their yellow belts.

And on a related matter, it’s now official: our nafudakake is full. Due to our recent influx of students, we can find no way to creatively add more name boards to our existing layout. The plan now is to rehang our current boards, and add another level to make room for our growth.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. Congratulations to all the test-takers on another milestone (or your first in the case of Ashton) on this great journey called Aikido. Any way to view/save higher resolution images from the class and after?

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