Seminar Videos, Part 6

Editors Note: This is the sixth in an eight part series discussing past seminars at our school. The entire series can be found under the video category.

Grady Lane Sensei is a dear friend personally, and a great friend of the dojo. Today’s videos, therefore, are doubly special. Not only do they highlight Sensei’s technique (and Dee’s ukemi), but they were taken at Palm Beach Aikikai, bar none one of my favorite dojos. Remind me sometime to tell you how cool they are.

The first video shows a dynamic kokyu-nage from ushiro. I love this technique, and especially Sensei’s demonstration of it. It’s a powerful throw.

In the next video, Sensei demonstrates a very interesting nikkyo from a forward grab. What I like is the entrance – it’s an uchi variation from which you’d otherwise expect kaiten-nage, or perhaps kokyu-nage. (At least to me. Then again, I’m not a sixth dan shidoin.)

I can also tell you from experience that Dee is feeling that wrist lock.

Next up: Ed Di Marco Sensei, at the UNF dojo.

4 thoughts on “Seminar Videos, Part 6

  1. Sensei,

    I hope our regulars watch that second video, especially. One thing I need to work on is that deep cut which takes uke off balance. I see the same deep cut when Yamada Sensei demonstrates nikkyo ura.

    Maggie, Dee, Ryan and myself had a great time at your recent seminar!

  2. We did have fun at the last seminar.

    Yeah, I thought the 2nd video was going to turn into a kaiten-nage myself… then there was a surprise.

  3. I didn’t want to say anything while you guys were up there, as you would probably get no sleep that night, but I saw a bear crossing sign on the way back from camping that night.

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