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Aikido Center of Jacksonville

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your school have a children's class?

Yes, we offer classes for children ages six to twelve. Our children's classes emphasize basic Aikido concepts and incorporate creative and fun exercises. Paramount is our concern for safe training. Your child will learn a non–violent martial art and gain confidence, stamina, and mental focus. Although we are a traditional martial arts dojo, we strive to provide a friendly, cooperative atmosphere for our students and their families.

Our class schedule, including our children's classes, can be found on our class information page. You can also print our children's test requirements.

I'd like to visit your school. What should I do?

First of all, welcome! We appreciate your interest in our dojo. Your best bet is to contact Sensei and let her know when you're arriving. If a seminar or other special event is planned for that day, she can communicate that information to you. Of course you can also check our calendar, which we update regularly.

I've decided to start Aikido training. What do I need to know?

Congratulations! You've taken the first step down a rewarding and challenging path. You won't regret it.

For your first class, you should wear loose fitting athletic wear, such as a sweatshirt and sweatpants. You will also need to remove any jewelry before class begins, for the safety of both yourself and your training partner. During your first class, you can expect a more experienced student to help you learn some Aikido basics, such as falling safely. Don't worry—in Aikido, we train to the ability of our partners. Your partner will adjust her training to your level of comfort.

If you're interested, we've also prepared guides to etiquette, terminology, and training, which you can print. You can find our schedule and class fees on our class information page.

Sounds good. Just a few more questions. First, do you require contracts?

No. In over twenty years teaching Aikido, we have never required our students to sign contracts. Nor do we ask that you commit to an initial term of membership.

Well, what is your payment policy?

Tuition must be paid no later than the first class of the month. We accept subscription payments through PayPal, or direct debits (ACH) from your bank. Your tuition entitles you to train on as many days as you wish.

From time to time our school also hosts Aikido seminars, where high ranking Aikido practitioners travel to Jacksonville to teach our students. In general, we charge a separate fee for these events to cover our costs.

Lastly, the United States Aikido Federation (USAF) charges a nominal fee for our yukyusha, or white belt, tests. You can learn more about our federation on our affiliation page.

We do offer a discount for immediate family members, as well as a three month payment option for new students, which includes a free uniform. In addition, children are charged a reduced monthly rate. Please contact us to learn more.

Okay. What about my uniform?

After the first few classes, students are required to wear a plain white judo gi, or training uniform. You do not need to purchase your gi from us. Should you wish to do so, however, we have gis available for sale at the school.

Great! When can I begin?

You can begin training anytime, and take as many classes as you wish. All classes are open to our students, regardless of rank. On any given day in our school you can find students with twenty years experience training alongside absolute beginners.

One last question. How long will it take to earn my black belt?

A long time. Not to dissuade you, but we have pretty high standards for our black belts.

If you train consistently, it will generally take you a minimum of five years to earn your yudansha, or black belt, rank. Our test requirements, ready for printing, are outlined in this document.