Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter April 2009

Our Newest Students
Please extend an enthusiastic "kangei!" (that's Japanese for "welcome") to our newest students: Mary (Katie's mom), and Connor, in our children's class.  We're thrilled you're here!

Kyu Promotions
We're proud to announce that our latest kyu tests, our largest to date, succeeded without a hitch.  Of course, credit is due to those participating, both as nage and uke.  Our heartfelt congratulations to Fabian and Karl, for passing 3rd kyu, Ryan for passing 4th kyu, and Maggie and Anastasia, for passing 5th kyu.  Your dedication and hard work was obvious to everyone watching.  Sensei was very pleased.

Movie Night
We are entertaining the concept of movie nights at the dojo.  Our thinking so far: Some nights will be geared for children, and some for adults.  We would project the movie on the far wall, and possibly rent a movie style popcorn machine.  Pretty neat, huh? 

Of course, parents are welcome to help chaperone, if they wish.  (Or they could take advantage of the opportunity, and spend some quality time together.  Maybe we should call this "Parent's Night Off"?) 

Help us schedule the premier.  What days work best?  Please let us know.


Yoga StudentYoga Classes
We are exploring the possibility of providing space at the school for Yoga classes, led by Anastasia.  As you may know, Anastasia is an SCW certified instructor, and has attended seminars in Russia, Crimea, Thailand and the United States.  She would teach classic Hatha yoga.

We are still working out the logistics, but would like to gauge your level of interest.  The classes will be open to everyone, including spouses and family members.  If you know of someone who might be interested, please let us know.  Stay tuned for more information!

New Student Promotion
We are excited to offer a promotion that will not only grow the school, but also provide our students with a tangible benefit, in the form of a tuition discount.  Here's how it works: During the summer, when a current student refers and signs up a new student, the current student will receive a tuition discount equal to the new student's first tuition payment, not to exceed the current student's monthly rate.  For example, if an adult student refers and signs up a new adult student, he or she will receive a one time $65.00 discount.  For a new student in the children's class, the discount will be $55.00.  (Please see Sensei to discuss the discount for new students enrolled from UNF.  Also, please note that this discount cannot be combined with the family discount.)

So, let's kick off the summer season in style!  If you know of any friends or co-workers who would like to get in shape, lose weight, or learn self-defense, bring 'em in!  We also have flyers for our children and adult classes, which you can print and hand out.  (Our brochure is also available for printing, and like the flyers, can be found on our class information page.)

Lastly, we've created two pages that highlight the benefits of our children and family programs.  You can easily forward these pages by email, or alternatively send a link. 

Upcoming Seminars
On May 16th and 17th, Sand Drift Aikido will host Michael Moreno Sensei in Cocoa, Florida.  The cost to attend is $75.00 for both days, or $50.00 on Saturday and $25.00 on Sunday.  Sand Drift is a very welcoming dojo and always has a great party following their seminars.

Closer to home, on May 16th and 17th, Shugenkai Aikido will host Kevin Jones Sensei in Orange Park.  The cost to attend is $60.00.  Please let Jerry know if you are interested.

Lastly, on June 27th and 28th, Grady Lane Sensei of Brevard Aikikai will host Robert Zimmerman Shihan of Toronto Aikikai.

Odds and Ends
Sensei asks that you please remember to discard your empty drinking cups after training.  Also, please remember to turn off the lights in the bathrooms!

Finally, if you are interested in participating in a weekly laundry service for your gis, please let Jerry or Sensei know.  Domo!