Energy levels

Basically a ‘good day’ is based upon whether or not I have energy for training. When I feel energetic I work harder, faster, and pay more attention to what I’m doing. I usually feel good about my technique and the fact that I’m improving. I also know that my partner is having fun and learning too, which is good for my self esteem.

When I am tired, I watch the clock and feel bad for my partner who in return feels bad every time I drag myself off the floor only to be thrown again. I try not to complain but when my energy is low I do it more, and am less able to pay attention to detail or take criticism well.

As a result of these conclusions I always try to get a nap in somewhere so my mind is rested. Plus I try to eat enough so that I don’t feel hungry and distracted during class.

On another note, Luke is seriously looking at several places to start his dojo. I’ve been researching several coastal cities to see which ones will offer him a good chance at a successful student base.

Charleston SC has a good economy with military and healthcare being the strongest employers.

Miami has one USAF dojo already, but with 5 million people it can certainly support another.

The west coast of mid Florida appears to be lacking in any serious dojos, and so may provide an opportunity.

Mobile Alabama has a large population.

Savannah Georgia also has a large population.

What do you guys think? Aside from St. Augustine, what coastal cities offer a good economy and population for an Aikido school. Which coastal city has good surfing! lol, I know Luke likes to surf.

Luke will speak with Sensei about his options, but intelligent opinions from knowledgeable sources would be appreciated. I think pointers on how to run a dojo as far as cash flow and taxes would be appreciated. I know we have some lawyers aboard this blog who might understand such things better than the rest of us.