first day as an uchi deshi

Today was fun. First I took the 12:15 class with Hal Lehrman. It was a relaxing first class as I trained with a beginner.

My first task in moving in was to clean out my room, which was full of junk from other deshi that stayed there. Then I washed the sheets and put away my clothes. I got hungry so then I went grocery shopping. I wolfed down the pasta and salad just in time for the first afternoon class.

The 4:15 taught by Elizabeth A. She taught a very basic class and I was familiar with most of the moves. The last two were taught by Douglas Firestone. He chose an opening I was unfamiliar with linked to several techniques I had never seen before so I was confused for most of the 5:30 class. The last class of the day was somewhat less complicated. We did morotetori and tsuki attacks and iriminage and nikkyo techniques. Doug certainly has a comedic personality. He made everyone laugh during his demonstrations.

After the last class I cleaned up and went out to the store for some shampoo and other essentials. I did my chores for the weekend early so that don’t have to do them tomorrow. The next moving in task is to buy some new fresh white gi’s and some hangers for my clothes. I’m so glad to finally be here! Thanks to all of you for training me up to be here. I miss you.