Thursday July 31st

I took only two classes today, partly because training here in the heat is difficult, and also because I needed more sleep than I got.

The 4:15 class was taught by Luke Machado. Today I was more familiar with the techniques they were all irimi entrance on yokomenuchi. I trained with John, a current uchi-deshi, and Pretti a very sweet lady from India.

The 5:30 class was taught by Ernie L. He is a very enthusiastic teacher. I was tired out about 20 minutes into his class. I trained with Allday, which is always fun. The techniques at the beginning of class were mostly projection throws from shoulder grabs. It was like sprinting for 20 minutes. Then he mercifully switched gears to some bokken work. We entered from ura and omote with wrist and head strikes from shomenuchi. We did some throws from the omote entry (with one partner having a sword and the other open handed).

Luis taught the last class and did a lot of morotetori techniques. Though I did not participate its always nice to see a familiar face and solid technique.